Contest 1: A DAY IN INDIA

Call for participation in Art Contest
• High Resolution image of ART work
• Description of 200 words
• Cut off by 6.p.m on the 20th March
• E-mail Image and Write up to
• The winner will be declared on the 21st March
• The winner gets invited to Finale Night
• The winning painting will be auctioned

Status: Ongoing

Result: Will be announced on 21st March 2011

Prize: Invitation to Finale Night & winning painting to be auctioned

Contest 2: Quiz by Dr. Artz

Guess the Artist (Open to all)
Guess the Artist using the clues/pics. If you need further help cracking this..

Q1. Guess the Artist – Clues:
1. Born In 1951
2. Diploma holder in Painting from the Govt.College of Arts & Crafts,
3. recipient of the National Award 1992, Bharat Bhavan Biennale award
4. Picture

Answer: C. Douglas
Winners: Tamara De Laval, Chalukya Sg
Prizes: passes to the special preview of Lalit Kala Akademi

Q2. Guess the famous Artist who created this beautiful painting ‘ The Tea Party’ :
1. First name is Maqbool
2. In 1948, he was invited by F.N. Souza to join the
Progressive Artist’s Group, a group that was exploring a new idiom for Indian art.
3. In 1952, his first solo
exhibition was held at Zürich and over the next few years, his work was widely
seen in Europe and U.S.A.
4. Recipient of the coveted Raja Ravi Varma award

Answer: Maqbool Fida Hussain
Winners: Ameeta Agnihotri, KUMAR RANJAN, Niyati A Mehta

Q3. Name the gallery where Art Chennai will preview Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th anniversary?
Answer: Lalit Kala Academy
Winners: Ameeta Agnihotri, Jibby Mathew, Parvathy Subramanian
Prize: VIP preview passes for the 20th Evening

Q4. Name all venues where Art Chennai will host its “Art Residency Camp”?
Answer: Taj Coramandel, Taj Connemera and Taj Mount road
Winner: Shivani Arora
Prize: photo ops with Resident Artists

Q5. Name the gallery where Art Chennai will preview an exclusive photography show?
Answer: Asharaa Art Gallery
Winner: Rhoda Alex
Prize: 2 passes for dinner & cocktail preview.

Q6. Guess the Gallery – Clues:
1. Located at Mylapore, Chennai
2. Showcasing the Event – Gestural Abstraction @ Art Chennai 2011
3. Few of the artist’s work displayed @ the venue – Achuthan Kudallur,
K.M. Adimoolam, Akkitham Narayanan, P. Gopinath, L. Munuswamy, R.M. Palaniappan, Thota Tharani, A.Viswam, V. Viswanadhan
4. Picture

Answer: Lakshana
Winners: Niyati A Mehta, Aishwaryan Kumar, sanju majumder, Muhammed Rias A, Shruti

Q7. Guess the Artist – Clues:
1. Born in 1961
2. His/Her work is NOT showcased @ Apparao Art Gallery in art Chennai 2011.
3. He/She has held 15 solos with one single gallery.
4. His work has twice traveled to Art Singapore.
5. Work of C. Douglas too is being showcased by the same gallery @ Art Chennai 2011
6. He/she is participating artist in the Art Camp
7. He lives and works in Kolkata.
8. Picture of his/her artwork.

Answer:Chandra Bhattacharjee
Winners:Mehul Mehta, sanju majumder, Muhammed Rias A, Prithy Ramadurai, Parvathy Subramanian, Sunita Azhar, Sabyasachi Sen

Q8. name 3 gallery names taking part in art chennai 2011 which start with the letter ‘A’. first 3 correct answers win. Only unique combinations.
Answer:Apparao Galleries, Ashvita, Ayya Art Galleries, Art & Soul Art Gallery, Asharaa, Art World, Athreyaa Art Gallery…so more than 3 unique combinations were possible
Winners:sanju majumder, Mehul Mehta, Prithy Ramadurai
Runners: Shivani Arora, KUMAR RANJAN

Q9. Guess the Connection between the 4 Galleries (in picture)
(Looking for the exact answer)
This round will have Two winners:
1. Maximum correct connects
2. Exact answer we are looking for (bumper prize)

Answer: C. Douglas
Winners: Bumper winners: Mehul Mehta, Preethi Thiagharajan, Shivani Arora, Kumar Ranjan, Suresh Rao, @pritjy ramadurai……Max correct (sensible) connects winners: @mehul mehta, @shivani arora, Prithy Ramadurai

Q10. Guess the Artist – Clues:
1. His/Her first name and last name are spelt the same.
2. Picture of His/Her artwork

Winners: Patrick Guicherd, Abhijeet Tamhane, Kumar Ranjan

Q11. Guess the Artist:
1. Born, Lives & works in Chennai
2. His/Her art is one built on fluid, lyrical line, brilliant and wisely-choreographed colour and dense pattern,
3. His/Her teacher/s – K.C.S. Paniker.
4. His/Her artwork

Answer: M. Senathipathi
Winners: Samia Khan, Raviram Ramakrishnan, Nikite Nirmala

Q12. Unscramble the following to get names of artists / galleries
The answers are the clues to the final solution/answer: “” denotes space

1. oooansssplhd A _ _ _ O _ _ O_ O _ _
2. uatpeaisghtmanb A _ I _ A _ __ E _ _ U _ _ A
3. uyrhdijurohhacd _ _ I _ A __ _ O U _ _ U _ _
4. robinamladn _ A _ I __ O _ _ A _
5. sapatsoalgh _ A _ A __ _ O _ A _

Final Solution/Answer:
A _ _ _ O _ _ _

The clues given (1-5)..all are names of artists whoz works will be on display at Art Chennai 2011

1. Alphonso Doss
2. Amitabh Sengupta
3. Dhiraj Choudhury
4. Rabin Mondal
5. Tapas Ghosal

Final Solution/Answer: Artworld

Winner:Shabarish Ap
Runner-up: Kumar Ranjan

Q13. Guess the Artist & gallery
1. He/She is NOT a professional photographer specializing in Kite Aerial Photography but his/her work is exhibited in the same Gallery as the professional photographer specializing in Kite Aerial Photography
2. NOT born in 1965
3. He/She is NOT working on a new series titled ‘The Journeymen’
4. His/her father was a pioneer of modern printing in India
5. His/her grandfather was NOT Professor S. Dhanapal
Answer: Prakash Karmakar
Winners: Art Chennai 😉

Q14. Guess the Artists whoz artworks are displayed in the pic. find the link between them. Clues for the artists are provided
1.Picture A – This artist was born in 1957 and obtained a national diploma in sculpture at Trivandrum Fine Arts in 1981, followed by a post diploma from M.S. University, Baroda, 1984 and is not SOSA JOSEPH.
2.Picture B – he / she is The first recipient of Art India Magazine’s Promising Artist Award in 2005 and lives and works in Delhi.
3.Picture C – His/Her ad films have won the New York Advertising Festivals, Asia Pacific ‘The Work’ Awards and a Cannes Lion.
4.He/she is a Diploma in Painting from Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts. Second name – Joseph
5. Picture

1. Alex Mathew
2. George Martin
3. Prasad Raghavan
4. Sosa Joseph
Link:Open Eyed Dreams
Winners: winners(4/5correct): Suresh Rao, runners:Sanju Majumder(3/5 correct)…consolation prizes for: Samia Khan, Kumar Ranjan, Surajit Das , Raviram Ramakrishnan apart from the promised early bird prizes

Q15. Match the following Events with the respective artists:

1. Modern Masters of Indian Art a.M.F.Hussain
3. A ROOM WITH A VIEW c. Laxma Goud
4. Notes from the Desert d. C. Douglas
5. Modernity and Mysticisim in landscape art e. Gauri Gill
6. GESTURAL FIGURATION f. Muralidharan
g. Rajasekaran
h. Jasmeen Patheja
5-f or d
6-d or f or g
Winner: Raviram Ramakrishnan

Q16. Guess the Gallery (in picture)

1. Event Name is GESTURAL ………..
2. Work of C. Douglas is/will be showcased in this Gallery

Answer: Art & Soul Gallery
Winners: Sanju Majumder, Surajit Das, Nikite Nirmala, Preethi Thiagharajan, Kumar Ranjan

Guess the Artist (Open to all)
Guess the Artist using the clues/pics. If you need further help

cracking this.. refer

Q17. Missing letters in the Gallery Names will give the Artist Name

1. _akshinaChit_a
2. _pparao Gall_ries
3. T_e Far_way Tree Gallery
4. Focus Ar_ Ga_lery
5. Ash_ita
6. L_lit Kala _kade_i
7. _rt & Soul Art Gal_ery

Clue: The Artists artwork will be on display from 21st March 2011 @ Art Chennai listed galleries

Answer: Tamara de Laval
Winners: Sanju Majumder, Surajit Das

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