K. Laxma Goud (b. 1940)
The versatile Laxma Goud has been known for his quicksilver facility to master one
medium after another, throughout his eventful career. After a diploma in Drawing
& Painting from the Government School of Art and Architecture, Hyderabad, in
1963, he studied Mural Painting and Printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts at M.S.
University, Baroda, 1963 – 1965.
Laxma has a distinct style with finely chiseled pliant lines and delicate washes of
color that he uses to depict man’s interaction with nature. From men, women,
goats, huts to vegetation, his simple images reflect an idyllic reality that is being
threatened by urbanization. His works proves that there is “eroticism in nature
itself”, with protagonists who are raw and vivacious in their appeal. In later work,
his figures turn softer, more introspective.
In 2007, the exhibition, ‘Laxma Goud 40 Years: A Retrospective’ was organized
by Aicon Gallery, New York. Other recent solo shows of Goud’s work include
‘Sculptures, Bronze and Terra-cottas’ at the Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai, in 2006;
‘Recent Terracotta, Ceramic, Bronze Sculptures’ at Gallery Threshold, New Delhi,
and Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai, in 2006; Aicon Gallery, New York, in 2003; and
Grey Art Gallery, New York, in 2001-02. Some noted group shows are ‘From the
Vault’ at Aicon Gallery, London and New York, in 2007; ‘17th Anniversary Show’ at
Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata, in 2007; and ‘Back to the Future’ at Gallery Espace, New
Delhi, in 2006; São Paulo Biennale, Brazil, 1977; and ‘Indian Art Tomorrow’ at the
Philips Collection, Washington D.C., in 1986.
The artist lives and works in Hyderabad.


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