In any city there is always a ‘hang out’ for artists. Cafe’ de la Regence & Cafe’ Guerbois
in Paris, Triveni Cafe in Delhi, College Street Coffee House in Kolkata, Prithvi Theatre Complex &
Samovar Garden Cafe’ in Mumbai are a few of these. These ‘Hang Outs’ promote and nurture ideas
across various media. Great schools of thoughts and art movements have taken birth at these places.
Communism, Existentialism, Impressionism, Expressionism are all products of these Art houses. These
meeting places are hotbeds of active discussions, debates and altercations, all of them culminating in the
crystallization of ideas that change the world.
Art & Soul on ECR rings in a space that bridges the elite & the hoi polloi; the urban & the
rural; the classical & the folk. It aims at linking the established & the non-established; the renowned &
the upcoming. The gallery at Art & Soul aims to feature works of emerging artists, so that it will serve
to launch talents that have not seen serendipitous grace yet. “Affordable art for the ardent art admirer
will be the priority” says Nina Reddy who promotes this with zealous enthusiasm. Nina Reddy, who is
a director of the Hotel Savera Group, runs the gallery along with noted Theatre, TV & Performing arts
personality, Shylaja Chetlur.
With a commodious well-lit space just 7 kms off Thiruvanmiyur on the prestigious East
Coast Road, it is an alluring joint that is easily reachable yet far enough from the city’s busy buzz.
One can completely relax in the halcyonic environs of any one of the three restaurants here.
The show is jointly presented by Art & Soul and Safion and curated by Prabhakar Krishnan.


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