Rajasekaran Nair (b. 1957)
Rajasekaran’s academic grounding in the sulptural arts has been intensive, and
exhaustive. A National Diploma in Sculpture, College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum
in 1980, a B.A.(Fine Arts) in Sculpture from Kerala University in 1982, a Post
Graduate Diploma in Sculpture in 1984 as well as an M.A. (Fine Arts) in Sculpture
in 1987 from M.S. University, Vadodara saw him working almost exclusively with
black granite. His works in Black Granite are powerful pieces with their contrasts
of smooth and rough textures. Today, after twenty five years of granite work, he is
working in bronze, reinventing himself.
He has exhibited the world over, notably at the 1987 Forestry Commission
Residency in Glasgow Garden Festival; Royal Scottish Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh,
Scotland, 1989; State & Central Lalit Kala Akademi Exhibitions, 1989; Sh-Bunka-
Ehime Prefecture, Japan, 1990; Sakshi Gallery, Madras & Bangalore, 1993; 50
years of Independence, Art exhibition, 1997; and CAN’s exhibition of paintings &
sculptures, 2002.
This dedicated sculptor has won the Highly Commended Certificate,Kerala Lalit
Kala Akademi, 1978; Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi Award, 1984; Henry Moore Award, UK, 1985; Artist in Residence, Scottish Sculpture Trust’s Studio in Lumsden,
Scotland, 1986; and the National Award for Sculpture, 1994.


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