Curated by Prabhakar Krishnan, SAFION
The constellation of artists in this show includes SG VASUDEV – C DOUGLAS – K MURALIDHARAN
-. This group of artists have played a significant role & contributed to the change in the face of the
contemporary Indian Art through their compelling vision of Indian modernity.
SG Vasudev(1941) Vasudev’s respect for human relationship and nature are reflected in his work, He
scratches the surface creating an attractive contrast of thick and thin, light and dark, smooth and rough.
His themes often spill into one another and they reappear over and again, like old refrains. He uses
similar lyrical lines, the feathering out of images and the clear, brilliant colours that were used then. This
merging of images and renewal of ideas give his work both freshness and familiarity.
C Douglas (1951) An artist with an interest in reading critical theory and philosophy, Douglas’s paintings
engage with the image/text association by juxtaposing images with words. These texts simulate speech,
His quasi abstracts are not aridly serious, rather they attract by the playfulness of his technique,
allegorically inscribes the changing human persona and character through metaphors.
K Muralidharan (1954) Muralidharan’s works and his own world, revolves around the close confines of
designed surfaces made of pictorial elements he inherited from the land he is born in. In his paintings,
he tries to view images of Gods and Goddesses with the dreamy eyes childlike innocence. The forms of
animals and humanized deities lend his canvases a sense of purity. The myths and folklores have been
his inspiration.
Rajasekaran Nair (1957) His works on Black Granite’ is a powerful piece with its contrasts of smooth/
rough textures.


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