Alphonso Doss (b. 1939)
Dr Alphonso Doss completed a Diploma in Fine arts in advanced painting in 1962,
became Cultural scholar, Government of India Ministry of Education and Culture,
New Delhi; received a Cultural Doctorate, from World University Arizona, USA
and was also Principal in the Government College of Art and Crafts, Chennai. He
conceptualized and helped establish the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chennai,
in 1997.
Fascinated by the history and development of symbols, he postulated in his
doctoral thesis that the concept of the Nataraja has derived from the symbolism
of the swastika. His Nataraj Series of oil on canvas paintings is a creative version
of these findings.
Dr Doss has held solo exhibitions in Holland (1980, 1982), at the Doshisha
University in Japan (1983), at the Treasure Room Gallery in New York (1985), at
the BF Larsen Gallery in the USA, at the Ricks College in Idaho, the USA (1986)
and at the Brigham Young University in the USA (1998).
He was honored with the International Cultural Centre Award (New Delhi) in
1968 and won the National Award in 1988. In 1971, he participated in VII Triennale,
National Academy New Delhi, and in 1983 he was a State Guest under the
International visitors program in Washington DC. He was also a part of several
international events including the 1972 III Biennale of Visual Arts, Seychelles, and
Cherrycreek Art Festival Colorado, Denver USA in 2005. Dr. Doss lives and
creates in Chennai.


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