J. Vasanth (b. 1986)
With a B.F.A. (Sculpture) (From Govt. Fine Arts College. Chennai, Vasamnth is a
tirelessly creative sculptor with fierce energy. He has exhibited, among others,
at: Fresco Paintings Exhibition in Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai,
2007-2008; Sculptures and Paintings Museum Objects Conservation Exhibition
in Government museum, Chennai, 2007-2008; 34th Pallava group show ,Lalit Kala
Akademi (Chennai), 2009; 12th All India Art Contest Exhibition, Luknow (U.P),
2010; 2nd All India Art Exhibition, 2010; P.O.K.P.N.E (Pondicherry), 2010; 2nd All
India Art Expiations Art mall (New Delhi),2010 and Pancha Kerana Group show
(c.k.p) Bangalore and 24th All India Art Contest Exhibition, Nagpur.
He has participated in the Lalit Kala Akademi National Camp (Jaisalmer), Rajasthan,
2010 and the National Youth Festival Artists Camp, Chennai, 2008.
Vasanth has the distinction of being awarded the Best Sculptor award and
K. M. Adimoolam Award 2009 at the Pallava Group Show, Lalit kala Akademi
His work is to be found in many collections, private as well as at Art Mall, New
Delhi, Gallery Art World, Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow & New Delhi, Prakrit
Art Gallery Chennai, The Faraway Tree Art Gallery, Chennai, Maya Art Gallery,
Bangalore and many galleries in India and abroad.


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