R.B. Murari (b. 1978)
R. B. Murari comes from a family of seminal artists who had made a dent in the
development of modernity within the Madras Art Movement in the early 60s.
Murari is the grandson of Professor S. Dhanapal the sculptor and son of the
artist Professor R.B. Bhasakaran. Growing up in a family that has nurtured art and
hence the creative talents, Murari’s art education commenced at the feet of his
grandfather who taught him the rudiments of drawing.
Murari’s works, explores a subconscious realm without reference to the outside
world. His abstractions are located within a subliminal paradigm which is within
the artist and his experiences, signifying layers of concealed emotions which
communicate silently to his canvases. Those silent words are audible only to the
artist and remain vibrantly charged as they find a release from his inner being.
Abstraction affords Murari the freedom to present his ideas without being
constrained to what he visually perceives and allows an articulate play with
abstract ideas of colour and form.


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  1. Had seen his works @ artworld…..truly awesome!!! Gonna be a Brand soon!!! Congrats artworld for promoting such wonderful talent!!!

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