Arving Hoon (b.1962)
Arving Hoon started taking photographs with a Click III camera presented to
him on his 11th birthday in an era when black & white 120 was the format of
the day. Two paradigm shifts in the early 2000s prompted Arvind to explore
the ‘photography’ space more intensively. First, his switch to ‘consulting’ from
employment provided Arvind with the time and space to follow his photography
dreams, and become ‘a photographer at large’. Second, with the advent of the
‘digital image, life became simpler. Though the ‘post processing’ dependence and
manipulation made the purist in him uncomfortable, he soon learned to employ
the ‘digital tools’ to enhance his ‘point of view’.
His work is eclectic -abstracts derived from nature and the street; a touch of
reality saturation extracted from people & places. His work is showcased across
several galleries in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh.

Arvind has exhibited at : Naturalle Expressions (IndiPix Gallery, New Delhi) –
August 2009; Wide Angle (Galerie Romain Roland, Alliance Fraincaise, New Delhi)
– Oct 2009; and Eclicktic Expressions – Citi Bank, Chandigarh & Ludhiana – August


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