Nicholas Chorier (b. 1962)
Nicolas Chorier is a professional photographer specializing in Kite Aerial
Photography, the only real eco-friendly aerial photography, for 14 years now.
Specially designed for photography, his kites lift professional still cameras, or HD
video cameras, depending on the application. The camera is mounted on a small
cradle, hung on the line under the kite. The cradle is fully controlled by radioremote
and can be aimed in any direction.
A video link air-to-ground sends a signal which provides real-time monitoring on
a portable TV screen, for accurate framing and composition.
Easy to set, non-polluting and non-intrusive, it’s possible to have the kite hover
stationary over a site for a few hours, thus offering the guarantee of a successful high-quality job.
The kites’ precision and potential provide an exciting, cost effective, and innovative
solution for any type of aerial capture, from the ground or from a boat in motion,
like tracking smoking vessels or wild life, as well as coastal survey. It’s the simplest
way to carry an aerial platform anywhere in the world, with no hassles due to
administration procedures, energy logistics… The camera can be lifted up to 250
meters, even though low altitudes are often more interesting. His images stand


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