Varun Gupta (b. 1982)
Born in Calcutta to a family of travelers, Varun was exposed to rock-climbing,
trekking and the towering beauty of the Himalayas at a very young age. As a natural
extension of his travels, at age eight he took to the camera to document what he
saw. A few hundred rolls of film later, his journey continued through a Bachelor of
Arts degree from College of Wooster in Ohio, a job as an animator in New York,
and a diploma in Photography from Light & Life Academy in Ooty.
Based out of Chennai, he works as a freelance professional photographer
undertaking assignments in architecture, portraiture, fashion and advertising. His
hunger for making images remains a constant in his life, blurring the lines between
work and play. His personal work, a reflection of his nomadic existence, evolves
with steady progress in its artistic expression. Galleries in Bangalore, Chennai,
Kolkata, New Delhi and Pondicherry have shown his photographs. In Search of
Solitude, his third body of work to be exhibited, is the product of a two-year quest
to reconcile his urban self and the man he becomes when surrounded by nature.


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