Benitha Perciyal (b. 1978)
Benitha completed her MFA from the Government College of Arts & Crafts,
Chennai, in 2002 in painting and printmaking.
A talented young artist whose skill and imagination is at once striking and
impressive, she describes her own art as ‘self-reflexive, introspective and thoughtprovoking’
; they often surprise her, shock her and then, consequently, inspire her
to create other work. The conflict and fragility of the mind is a constant theme
that pervades her oeuvre.
The mediums however vary drastically, from the more sombre monochrome
etching to wax and plaster casting, from acrylic painting to installations involving
discarded dolls and tea decoction. Within the silhouette of Perciyal’s head and
shoulders, a recurring motif in her work, we perforce peer into the most unsettled,
alienated, confused and frustrated truths within us.
We desperately want to turn away to not face up to what is being delineated
about our deepest fears and truths, but Perciyal’s art is too brutal in its honesty
and deft execution to let us escape.
She has received many awards and has participated in international exhibits. She
now lives and works in Chennai.


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