Raghava K. K. (b. 1980)
Seen as one of India’s most successful emerging artists, Raghava’s dreamlike
watercolors on canvas, painted with his hands and feet, are hosted by prominent
galleries throughout India and abroad.
Starting as a cartoonist with Indian national dailies, he reinvented himself to use
several different mediums as widely disparate as painting, installation, film and
performance. Recipient of grants such as one from the Robin Hood Foundation
and another from the American India Foundation, Raghava was most recently
invited as a guest by the city of Nimes, France to exhibit his works at the Carre
d’Art Musee d’Art Contemporain. Raghava’s work conceptually grapples with
issues of sexuality and the construct of identity in contemporary society. He has
lectured at several art institutes and has had several solo.
Spontaneity has probably been the hallmark of his work thus far, but with his new
series of paintings Raghava embarks on a new path. Some of his latest paintings
are totally preconceived, employing a new visual vocabulary where he has invoked
the muses and made them central to his work. He represents a unique figure in
contemporary art, who expresses the spirit of today’s globalized world. Raghava
presently shuttles between his studios in Bangalore and Boston.


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