Curated by Ashvin Rajagopalan
Madras Contemporary is a show that features the artworks of C. Douglas, Benitha Perciyal, C.
Krishnaswamy, Raghava K. K., S. Yuvaraj, R Magesh, Abraham George & Yuvaraj Vivek. For the first time in
Chennai, a show like this will be presented to art audiences and collectors alike featuring a wide range of
mediums from paintings, photographs, installations and performances. The work of each artist represents
the current trends in art, being created in Madras. Ashvita is proud to define this group as the quintessential
collective of artists who represent the Madras Art Movement in this contemporary forum.
C Douglas is one of the most revered artists from Madras today. His works are path breaking
both in imagery as well as the medium used. His works evolve from a highly textual context and
engage the viewer in a very serious dialogue. Douglas’s career has spanned over thirty years and
he has constantly been adapting himself and his work thereby always being at the forefront of this
contemporary movement
Benitha Perciyal is one of the very few women artists working in Madras today. Her works
have been widely appreciated for their sensitive execution and bold expressions. Her themes are largely
based on herself and her interactions with the physical / textural contents of the artwork itself. Her
works range from paintings using natural dyes, sand, handmade papers as well as installations made with
found objects, terracotta, natural materials and synthetics
C Krishnaswamy has become popular in the contemporary art scene for his performance
based artworks. His works are derived from audience interactions as well as his immersion into the
everyday world. Krishnaswamy’s works are based on several installations, videos and paintings. His
current body of work is based around the everyday objects.
Raghava K K is an internationally known artist. His current body of works evolves from his personal
life dealing with the birth of his children and his interactions with the new world of art in New York City.
He is an accomplished artist who has been part of international auctions and museum shows. His current
works have been developed as in interactive project with noted singer / songwriter Paul Simon.
S Yuvaraj is a sculptor who has been working with a large range of mediums over the years. His
current installation project revolves around the concept of “If these walls could hear”. Yuvaraj is known
for his perfectionist skills and attention to detail in his works.
R Magesh is a young artist who brings to his works the freshness of contemporary urban
culture. His works blend a comic style with a very serious message that reflects his dialog with the
modern world and society. He has been working with various mediums including watercolours, fiberglass
sculptures and mixed media paintings.
Yuvaraj Vivek is one of the most talented photographers in the world of Fine Art today. His
works are derived from forms in nature. He has combined his photography skills with his artistry to
create a visually mesmerizing body of works. His current series titled “Lady Nature” created visual
illusions from a juxtaposed organic form.
Abraham George is an illustrator by training and has just started to explore the world of
fine art. His works represent a very fresh new approach that combines both digital illustration as well
as a very rough painting style that throws a contemporary new spin on what painting itself is. His
ability to illustrate allows him to manipulate his images for their essence leaving everything else in the
background plain and rugged.


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