Athiveerapandian (b. 1966)

Athiveerapandian finished his Diploma in Fine Arts in 1989 and Master of FineArts in 2000, from the Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai. Beginning withfigurative art, he quickly moved towards abstraction when he felt the magnetism ofpure color and abstract forms. He has a definite expressionist style to his painterlybrushwork.HIS TECHNIQUE IS COMPELLING – POWERFUL Colors dripping and sliding,forceful strokes, dense layers. The mirage of a fluid world with colors fallingvertically and mixing with other colors actually refers to the solid world of nature.There are hardly any identifiable forms in his acrylics that are treated likewatercolours and oils. Shapes and forms begin to echo foliage, rock formationsand soil movement. The abstract series titled “Towards Nature” has paintings burstwith energy, movement, color and exuberance.Fragmented images flow through his brush as unique colors flow into the canvascreating abstractions of life around him, a metaphor for the complexity of the lifethat we wade through.Much exhibited in Noble sage gallery, London; Apparao Galleries, Chennai andNew Delhi; Sun Et Lumiere, Mumbai; All India Research Painting Exhibition, NewDelhi; National Exhibition of Arts, Lucknow – Athiveerapandian has received theTamil Nadu State Academy Award,1997; Regional Lalit Kala Academi Award forPainting 1992; and the Tamil Nadu Oviam Nunkalai Kuzhu State Award, 1990-92.


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