P. Suresh Kumar (b.1973)

Suresh did his B. F. A. in Painting, 1995 from Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai,and an M. F. A. in Painting in 1998 from Hyderabad Central University. A brilliantstudent, he won Best Student of the Year Award 1997, at Central University OfHyderabad, and the Hyderabad Art Society Scholarship in 1998.Suresh feels that the progress of every Artist can be seen in the way in which heachieves simplicity. The reason he chose the abstract form of art is because of atransitory moment that strikes him as he works. Profoundly inspired by colors andthen forms, textures, volumes in nature that he sees all around him, Suresh believesthe conscious mind always confines an artist, not allowing him to understand thehigher level of art. He pays attention to his inner vision and has been overwhelmedby the spirit that he gains in the process of working. He normally starts withsome images and in the process the image often vanishes on its own accord, butsometimes it remains. He loves to capture the spirit, but has hardly succeeded,because it is only momentary.Widely exhibited all over India, Suresh remains unfazed by the fame and successart has brought him. He always longs for the moment which is momentary.


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