Gestural Abstraction II

Curated by Prabhakar Krishnan, SAFIONThe show Includes Athiveera Pandian, M. S. Murthy, Raju Durshettiwar, P. Sureshkumar, G.Gurunathan, K. M. Prasanna Kumar.This group of artists from South India is making significant and noticeable progress in theabstract expressionism style. Artists like Athiveerapandian, Sureshkumar and Gurunathan share acommon education from the portals of Government College of Arts & Crafts (Madras School) andRaju from the Nagpur School of Art – are different in its character, color structuration, linear rhythm,patterns, forms, gestures, calligraphy and appeal.Artist M. S. Murthy, a senior artist from Bangalore has been appreciated and receives significantrecognitions , Prassana Kumar an emerging talent from the Mysore School of Fine Arts, has beenenthralling the art appreciators with his brilliant and vivid colors.


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