With a strong urge to elicit the true values of art in the most unbiased way, ‘Ayya Art Galleries’is a dedicated gallery that functions as a versatile platform that aims to promote art in the true sense,without commercial considerations. A scrupulously organized role of the gallery is to act as a livingmechanism to cross the barriers of interface and to serve as a form for lively interaction betweenartists, art buyers and art lovers. Equal emphasis has been given to promote professional, recreational,and emerging artists with an emphasis on dedication towards mutual exchanges, communication andlong-term relationships. It is a non-profitable service organization where the sensations, feelings,emotions, sentiments, realizations, reflections, powers of thought and such other virtues are of primarycriterion with an assured commitment towards promotion of values.Ayya is an unusual Gallery where one can find not only the works of prominent artists butalso find the artists themselves for a live interaction. There is an open display of all the art worksfor anybody to view at any time. The arrangement and ambience is such that it encourages artisticsensations, bright communication discussions on changing trends, fresh thought processes, modifiedobservations, revamping experiments and revolutionary attempts in the ever-exciting field of art. Anartist, buyer or art lover can browse here for any number of hours to obtain a thorough understandingof the artworks. This it is space not restricted to artists and art buyers but also open to all. There wouldbe adequate opportunity for anyone to express their views, opinions and experiences for a healthyinteraction towards novel contributions to further enhance the values of artworks and the field ofart.The Gallery has conducted back-to-back shows for more than seven years since it startedfunctioning. The shows are fully sponsored by a non-profitable trust with the prime motivation topromote the values of art; all the costs including Galley cost, inaugural functions, electricity and suchother overheads are fully sponsored by the trust without depending on commercial outlooks but withan impetus towards encouragement of artists from all over India – with a special consideration foryounger and newer generation artists. Unlike the traditional manner, the artworks here have beengrouped in the following mode :• A group consisting of the artworks from full-time professional artists who have dedicatedtheir whole lives to the field of art.• A group consisting of the works from artists who have emerged from other fields with talentand initiative to cross the barriers and enter the field of art.• A group comprising of the tender and delicate works of students and new generation artistswho contribute with their fresh minds to the field of art.The Gallery aims to be a lively bridge between all strata of the artistic community – a dynamicorientation of profound knowledge and thought process for an energetic sharing of sensitivity. Alongwith a number of celebrated shows from the established artists and recognized works from the newgeneration artists, the gallery has planned to organize ‘traveling shows’ in various cities of the country.Ayya Art Gallery has initiated the formal process to establish an ‘Institute of Fine Arts’ with a perfectmethodological system for a practical orientation of the fine art medium of communication. This shouldenable anybody to acquire a thorough knowledge about the entire scenario of art when the gallery andthe institute would be complementary to each other and would function in tandem to build an activeand vibrant generation of future artists.


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