Chippa Sudhakar (b. 1967)

Chippa Sudhakar did his Diploma in Fine Arts, JNT University, Hyderabad in 1987and his Post Diploma in Printmaking from M S University, Baroda in 1990. Heexecutes his fantasies on wood, combining the art of laying color, with that ofcarving. His childhood in rural areas and his farmhouse studio in Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh, have imparted his paintings with a distinct folk art feel.Primarily based on the intricate relationship patterns between men and women,Sudhakar’s paintings attempt to explore the nuances of these subtle links.Another of his favorite subjects is a dream; water too is another ever-presentfactor – rain, streams, boats and fish. Because of the nature of the material he workswith, Sudhakar uses natural colors whenever possible. Metals, such ascopper attached with wires, provide a contrasting element of color as well astexture.He has been honored with the Bombay Art Society Award, 1993, RoyalSociety of Painters-Printmakers, London, the Karnataka Chitrakala ParishathAward, Bangalore, 1993, and the award of the Hyderabad Art Society, 1994. Heparticipated in the National Print Exhibition, and the Drawing Exhibition, atthe Bank Side Gallery, both in London, in 1995. He has also exhibited inseveral cities of India, attended many camps and won scholarships and awardsgalore.


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