Fawad Tamkanat (b. 1962)

Born in a poet’s family, Fawad acquired a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts aftergraduating in Commerce. A brilliant student, he won the University Gold Medalsin both B.F.A. and M.F.A., Central University, Hyderabad, India.Fawad has held fourteen solo shows and about seventy group shows all over Indiaand abroad. Some of his solo shows were at – Kirsten Kjaers Museum, Denmark2001; Gallery Paialeh, Copenhagen, Denmark 2001; Cobra Gallery, Copenhagen,Denmark 1995; Vingsted Center, Denmark 1996 and 1999; Tao Art Gallery, Bombay2000; Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay 2001; Gallery Espace, New Delhi 1992; LalitKala Academy Madras & New Delhi 1997; Minaz Art Gallery, Hyderabad 1999;ABC Gallery, Banaras 1995. Some of his group shows are “Four Indian Artists,New York 1994; Colors of India, Birla Life Style, Los Angeles, New York 2006/2007,Crosscurrents and Moods, 15 shows in India and Denmark 2002 2003; Mappingthe South , Chennai, Bombay, Hyderabad; High on Hyderabad, 2007; Women inIndian Art, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York, 1995; Tradition to Modernity,Fulda, Germany 2001, Tribute to Picasso, Bombay 2002; The Art as Investment,Vismaya Art Gallery, 2006/2007, Madras, Coimbatore; AUCTION, modern andcontemporary Indian art, 2010.He has curated 19 shows, participated in International Installation WorkshopTIDE, Denmark 1996, Print making workshops and a residence at Graphic Studio,Kirsten Kjaers Museum, Denmark 2001. His works are in the collections of theNational Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi; Vingsted Center, Denmark; Lalit KalaAkademi, and many public and private collections in India and abroad. His work hasbeen auctioned by Kushi Foundation, Osians, Saffron Art and Bowrings.


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