K. Jayapala Panicker (1937 – 2003)

A protege of the well-known painter, K.C.S. Panikkar, Jayapala Panikkar was oneof the founder members of the Cholamandalam Kalakara Gramam in Tamil Nadu.Modern art was his forte and many of his famous works were Purana basedpaintings. His painting series,`Parimaanam’ is one of his well-known works and ithad won him several awards.Panikkar is a recipient of a long list of awards, including the awards of the CentralLalit Kala Academy, the State Lalitha Kala Academy and the Delhi Lalit Kala Akademi.He had conducted several painting exhibitions both within the country and abroad,including Milan, in Italy, London and Malaysia. He won the special fellowship of theKerala Lalitha Kala Academy in 2001.He also won the award of the Association of Young Artists, Chennai, the MadrasLalitha Kala Academy and the Kolkatta Fine Arts Society. Some of his paintings arecollections at the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, and at the National Art Gallery,Chennai.Apart from painting, he was also equally renowned as a sculptor and his metierin this arena was metal sculpture. One of his famous metal sculpture works,`Kundalineeyaam’ stands at the entrance to the Sopanam Kala Kendram,Thiruvananthapuram.


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