K. S. Gopal (1938)

Gopal completed his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Govt. College of Fine Artsobtaining a First Class, in 1966.He was one of the founder members of the Cholamandal Artists Village, and wasamong the fore-runners of the new aesthetic in the Art world that drew uponIndian mythology, and used elements from it in a fresh new idiom. Fascinated byHindu mythological symbols, he used them profusely in his graphics. He was muchtaken up with their visual richness, their intricacies and their structure rather thantheir iconographical connotations. Thus, he has incorporated symbols like Om,Chakra, Surya, Swastika, Linga, Sankha, Vrischika, Vrikshs, and Chandra in his worksusing various styles – etching, aquatint, color intaglio and mixed media.K. S. Gopal has exhibited his paintings and miniatures all over the country. He wonvarious awards. He also attended and contributed his skills in various workshopsall over the State. His paintings adorn the walls of many public collections as wellprivate collectors.


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