M. Senathipathi (b.1939)

M. Senathipathi received his Diploma in Drawing and Painting from the GovernmentCollege of Arts and Crafts, Chennai, in 1965. In 1988 he received a British Councilgrant to travel to London, France, Holland, Belgium and West Germany.Senathipathi is known for his representations of Indian Gods and Goddesses.Though he leans on Indian mythology for his subjects he infuses them withthe spirit of the human by rooting his works in contemporary times. It is thisamalgamation of two diverse qualities that creates a sense of drama and infusesthe works with a fresh perspective. The artist is also versatile in using metal relieffor his subjects.Some of his recent shows include ‘Folklore by M Senathipathi’, Artworld andSarala’s Art Centre, Chennai; ‘Senathipathi’, Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai; ‘Paintingsand Metal Reliefs’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; Denhague Museum, Holland; ‘MetalRelief’s’, The Grindlays Art Gallery, Chennai; ‘Stellar Configuration’, presented byVinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai;Madras: AnEmotion, Chennai; Three Decades of Cholamandal Exhibition, Chennai ; QuaysideGallery, Cambridge Geshire, England; GATE Foundation, Amsterdam, Holland,among others.The artist, who has won many awards, lives and works in Chennai.


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