M. V. Devan (b.1928)

M. V. Devan is a painter, sculptor, writer, and orator. He learned the basics ofpainting at the Chennai Govt School of Arts and Crafts under the likes of DP RoyChoudhary and K. C. S. Paniker – stalwarts who influenced his life and painting toa large extent. At this time, he came into to contact with M Govindan, who helpedin changing his perspective on life and thinking.After working with Mathrubhoomi, he joined ‘Southern Languages Book Trust’as art consultant. And continued his pursuit of the art with Madras Lalit Kalaacademy from 1962 to 1968, New Delhi Lalit Kala Academy (66 to 68), FACT (asart consultant from 68 to 72). He was made the Chairman of Kerala Lalit KalaAcademy from 74 to 77.During this time, he established an organization called Perunthachan, whichdealt with the consultancy in the housing sector. He is also the founder memberand present Chairman of Kerala Kalapeedom. He is associated with Navashakti,Gopuram, Sameeksha, Kerala Kavita and Gwala, all of them literary publications.The Collection of Critical Essays Devaspandanam is Devan’s Magnum Opus.


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