P. S. Nandhan (b. 1940)

With a Diploma in Painting and in the advance course with distinctions fromthe Government School of Arts and Crafts, Chennai, in 1968, Nandhan, who wasalready a life member of the Cholamandal Artists’ Village, started his experimentswith sculpting in clay, sheet metal, bronze, brick, wood and granite.Nandhan is an exciting personality in the Cholamandal Artists Village.He named his space ‘Thilakam’, meaning the focal point or spot of energy in anyliving thing. In the Village, Nandhan feels he is the self-sustaining core of all thatgoes on, creating impressive sculptures and intriguing drawings that inspire theother artists. His ambition is to be an expanding Thilakam – one that is centralto the Village, then later Chennai and India, then subsequently, after his death, ’anucleus of artistry for all the world.’Honoured with the National Award by the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi andSenior Fellowship by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, Nandhantirelessly creates and has exhibited profusely.To name just a few of his shows: 1976 Taj Coromandel Hotel, Chennai on theoccasion of the 25th International Pugwash Conference; 1978 ‘40 Artists ofMadras’, organized by the British Council, Chennai; 1990 International exhibitionof ‘Asian-European Art’, Biennale, Ankara, Turkey and 1991 ‘The Madras Metaphor’exhibition organized by Ebraim Alkazi at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi. He hasbeen featured in the books ‘The Madras Metaphor’ and ‘The Algebra of Figuration’by Oxford University Press. He is collected avidly all over the world too!


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