S. P. Jayakar (1931)

Jayakar obtained a First class in his 1951 Diploma in Fine Arts, Government Schoolof Arts and Crafts, Chennai. In 1966, he came under the strong influence of K.C S.Panicker and joined his charmed circle of committed artists striving to establish acommune outside the city for creative people to live and work in peace.He is the recipient of Tamil Nadu State Lalit Kala Academy Award, Chennai; AIFACSAward, New Delhi, and Kalai Chemmal Award, Chennai. He has participated in theFlood Relief exhibition, Tamil Nadu State Lalit Kala Akademi to raise money forthe victims; participated in Cholamandal Artists’ Village exhibition sponsored bythe UNICEF, New Delhi; and was the recipient o the Victoria Technical Institute’saward. He created ‘40 artists of Madras’ organized by The British Council, Chennai,participated at various Tamil Nadu Ovium Nunkalai Kuzhu exhibitions. He hasparticipated in numerous exhibitions, workshops and art events all over India,imparting knowledge and learnings to all.


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