S. Paramasivam (b. 1942)

Paramasivam became a life member of Cholamandal Artists’ Village in 1966. Hethen went on to graduate with a Diploma in Fine Arts, Government School of Artsand Crafts, Chennai in 1967, and immediately started exhibiting and practisingart. He won a Prize at the All India Exhibition of Art, Kerala, in 1968. The artist ansculptor migrated and settled in Seattle, USA, in 1977.He sculpts and exhibits prodigiously there, and has won prizes at Mercer Islandand Ocean Shores for Sculpture. Has featured in the books ‘The Madras Metaphor’and ‘An Algebra of Figuration’ by Oxford University Press. Participated in theBumbershoot show, WA, Seattle Urban League, WA, and ‘Sculptural Configuration– Prospective/Retrospective’, exhibition at Chola Sheraton, Chennai; In Osaka,Japan; Show at Chola Gallery, Chennai and featured in the catalogue releasedby OUP at the event; Madras State Lalit Kala Academy Annual show; ‘MadrasMetaphor’ exhibition organized by Ebrahim Alkazi at Art Heritage Gallery, NewDelhi.


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