A. Balasubramaniam (b. 1971)

Balasubramaniam discovered about the Government College of Arts, Chennai, ona train journey, and this led him to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Artsfrom there in 1995. Later, he studied printmaking at EPW Edinburgh, UK, and atUniversitat fur Angewandte Kunste in Wien, Austria.Journeys would continue to travel in his work. His 7 years of impeccableinternational exposure and travel has engendered a daring body of work thatis seamless across genres, materials and media – sculpture, printmaking, mixedmedia; plaster, silkscreen prints and paper relief. Balasubramaniam travels beyondthe strict formalism of the modernists with these in-the-face, lyric celebrations ofaesthetic imbalance. Each work is a journey, which retraces the artist’s steps. Andbecomes the viewer’s own journey.He has exhibited in France, Spain, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Finland, Norway and USA.Amongst his solo shows are ‘(In)Between’ and ‘(In)Visible’ at Talwar Gallery, NewDelhi; ‘(Desi)re’ at Talwar Gallery, New York; and ‘Transition and Transformation’at the Fine Arts Museum, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His most recentgroup endeavors include ‘Freedom 2008 – Sixty Years after Indian Independence’at the Centre for International Modern Art, Kolkata, 2008; ‘The Inverted Tree’ atGallery Threshold, New Delhi, 2005; ‘Indian Summer’ at the Ecole des Beaux Arts,Paris, 2005; and ‘Solitude’ at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, in 2003. Theartist lives and works in Bangalore.


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