A.V.Ilango (b. 1950)

A self-taught artist, A.V. Ilango made his debut in 1973 on completing his Mastersin Mathematics at the Bangalore University. Inspired by his childhood memories,Ilango conceived his human forms in bright colors, to arrive at harmoniouscompositions. Some works have caught the dramatic moment of an action. Whilein others, forms merge into space. Besides human figures, the artist has beenstudying for the past few years cows and bulls, which form the very idiom ofprimitive, folk and classical arts of India.Ilango has held many One Man Shows in India and abroad. Some of them are -Utsav 2010, Forum Art Gallery, Chennai; Utsav 2008, Art space, The Gallery, KL,Malaysia; Introspection , Tamarind Art Council, New York, USA, 2008; The BovinePrinciple, Forum Art Gallery, Chennai, 2008; Second Reincarnation , Sutra DanceTheatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2007; Line, Space, Rhythm by the BullukianFoundation, Lyons France 2002; Dauphin Gallery, Singapore 1999; Silapathikaram– Manimekalai British Council Division and The Book Point , Chennai 1996; TheBhownagree Gallery, The Commonwealth Institute, London 1995; Rhythm 94,Rhythm 85, Chennai. Apart from these he has participated in many group shows,all over.Ilango’s Artspace showcases the young artists who practise under his guidance inIndia and abroad. Ilango has profusely exhibited at State, National & Internationalexhibitions. His sculptures are at prominent public spaces in Tamil Nadu. He hasillustrated umpteen publications and been awarded internationally.


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