B. O. Shailesh (b.1970)

With a BFA in painting from Shimoga, Shailesh’s works are in the realm of themind, of feelings and human emotions. Abstract human forms reach out theirhands to touch and feel what lies beyond…looking for someone to share theiryouthful passion and excitement with. Narrow, etiolated figures are oblivious oftheir environs, as they are engrossed in a quest to quench their thirst. Shaileshhas painted on paper, glass and canvas using many media, including foil and paperthread.His very many solo and group shows include Crossing the Pathway, CommunityHall, Frome, UK, 2009; Mystic Realism, Sculptures, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi;many galleries and restaurants and public spaces in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi;Solo Installations at Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai; Beyond theNatural, Amethyst, Chennai; Eternal Quest, Art Konsult, New Delhi. Some of hisfilms are Split Personality at Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai; Video Art,Community Hall Frame & at Kent, UK, Major Trends in Contemporary Art at Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, etc.A very active artist, Shailesh is always on the move, exhibiting, participating in camps,workshops, collaborations, etc. He has been profusely awarded and felicitated aswell the world over. His work can be found in many private, corporate and publiccollections as well.


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