Dimpy Menon (b. 1964)

Graduated in Fine Arts, from Govt. college of Fine arts and Crafts, Chennai withfirst rank majoring in Sculpture and studied Print making under the tutelage ofProf.R.B.Bhaskaran, Dimpy has shown extensively both in India and abroad. Shehas received The Tamil Nadu State Award for Sculpture and Drawing. She has oftenbeen invited to participate in Workshops and Shows at All India Level in Sculpture,Painting, Ceramics and Print Making.Says Dimpy, ‘‘You can find beauty in the commonplace and the ordinary. If you cancapture that in your work, then you are blessed. My work is about the truth thatruns through life and nature. And that obviously is universal”.Dimpy has exhibited Solo and in Group Shows all over India, notably Bangalore andMumbai and elsewhere; plus all over the world. She has executed many sculpturesin many sizes, for corporates, hotels, galleries and private art connoisseurs theworld over.Her metier in sculpting – regardless of medium. This bronze, glass, terracottaand granite all get pliable under her magic fingers, as she bends their shapes andcontours to give life to her imagination.Dimpy has traveled extensively on work – UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, TheVatican, UAE, South Africa, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Singaporeand Malaysia. She is currently working on commissions for The Oberoi, The Banyan,Bangalore, The Leela Group.


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