S. Nandagopal (b. 1946)

Nandagopal’s sculptures have a whimsical, but solid quality about them, a mixtureof opposites that can be seen in their strong roots in traditional motifs that havebeen transformed into a super-contemporary idiom that is uniquely his own. Thisdifference is the essentially quality of his sculptures. Several figures have beeninspired by Hindu mythology and the epics. However, each sculpture creates a newmythology as well as a new form that helps us relate to a culture far removed intime. His powerful, glistening bronze and copper sculptures soar energetically intospace. The use of commonplace found objects lends a strangely imaginative ‘today’quality to the works.Among the very many awards he has been honored with, are the State & NationalLalit Kala Akademi Awards – Madras, Calcutta, Kerala and New Delhi; Award ofAcademy of Fine Arts, Calcutta; 13th Middleheim Open-Air Sculpture exhibition,Antwerp, Belgium; Gold Medal at the IVth International Triennale, New Delhi;Homi Bhabha Fellowship, British Council Travel Grant; Travelling exhibition of theNational Gallery of Modern Art in Tehran, Moscow and East European countries;Indian section at the Fukuoka Museum, Japan; I.C.C.R. Travel Grant to Yugoslavia.He was nominated by the Government of India to serve as advisor and on the purchase committee of the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi; executeda 20 foot high sculpture in stainless steel for Priyadarshini Park, Mumbai, forthe NCPA; has featured in many books; and has exhibited extensively. In 2010,Nandagopal was elected as one of the nine eminent artists of the country by theLalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.


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