Shivarama Chary Y. (b. 1978)

Varied styles in mixed media makes sculptor Shivarama Chary a versatile artistindeed.While he finished his schooling in the arts in 2004, he learnt to sculpt much earlierfrom his father, Y Jagadeeshwara Chary, his first guru. After a Fine Arts degree atthe Telugu University, he did a Master’s from Hyderabad Central University.About 30 of his sculptures were recently on display at the Kalakriti art gallery inan exhibition titled The Medium and the Message. Over the past three years hehas worked with wood, bronze, fibreglass and stainless steel. He has exhibited hisworks at the Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad and at Open Palm Court Gallery,India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. His group exhibitions include Hyderabad Hues atthe Ashvita Art Gallery, Chennai; Art Expo India, Nehru Centre, Worli Mumbai; atthe Studio Nepean, Mumbai; Dakshinayan, an exhibition of Andhra Pradesh Artists,at Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi; Deccani Parlance, an exhibition of drawings by APArtists at the Kaleidoscope Art Gallery, Vadodara; Tryst With Telangana, a groupshow in Sarjan Art Gallery, Vadodara. He lives and works in Hyderabad.Shivarama Chary has taught at University, participated in art camps, workshops,commissions and performances all over and is featured in many collections in Indiaand abroad.


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