Sisir Kumar Sahana (b.1963)

Sisir Sahana is clearly multi-dimensional. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Fine ArtDegree in painting art at Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan. Sahana also holds an AdvancedDiploma in stained glass painting from Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design,London (1994). Sisir is more widely known for his glass sculptures than his otherwork like painting and graphic representation. He mastered this unique avenue ofexpression whilst on fellowship and study trips to Europe and America, when hetried his hand at stained glass and later shifted to haptic glass friezes. In a laboriousand technology intensive method Sisir creates everything from scratch, even theglass itself. This kind of work is only possible in his workshop at the L V PrasadEye Institute in Hyderabad, which he claims is the best in the country for makingglass sculptures of the huge proportions he does. He has been honored withseveral awards, including the “Samakalin Chitrakala Parishad” award in Assam, the“Bombay Art Society” award and the “Hyderabad Art Society” award. Sisir has held21 solo exhibitions and many group shows at various in India and abroad.A talented film maker as well, he has directed a feature film ‘Prithvi’ (The Earth) inBengali and Telugu in 2006 produced by Kalakriti Art Galler, which was exhibitedin many film Festivals ; and directed and produced another film; ‘Maati-O-Manush’(The Soil and the People) in Bengali Directed and Produced in 2009, winning the Jury Award in New Hope Film Festival, USA, in 2010 and nominated for SpecialJury Award in Religion Today Film Festival, Italy, 2010.


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