Srinivas Reddy (b. 1952)

Srinivas graduated in Fine Arts from JNT University Hyderabad, and specialized inceramic sculpture from Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University, Vadodara in 1990.This artist is at ease with several different media like terracotta, fiber glass, bronze,stone and painting. This has been possible due to his unrelenting efforts in the fieldfor the past twenty years. For Srinivas, art is a process, like life itself – continuousand ever-changing, challenging and yet with umpteen possibilities. This belief leadhim to experiment constantly, efforts that won him a National Award. Early worksof his oeuvre, for instance the terracotta and wooden heads with mushrooms, aremarked with an intense expressionistic leaning, the language that communicateshis urge and striving to carve a unique space for himself. An introspective moodpervades his paintings and sculptures of early to mid 90s. These psychologicalnarratives are about desire and fear of the significant ‘Other’.Srinivas Reddy’s works are in several public and private collections in India andabroad. He currently lives and works in Hyderabad.


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