Heart of Sculpture
Curated by Shalini Biswajit
The crux of the matter is that sculpture is here to stay.
As a sculptor, to exist and navigate in the same space as your sculpture so as to make it an
inclusive experience that sustains beyond your lifetime is indeed exhilarating. The sensation that your
work is immortal, enigmatically projecting your thoughts, perceptions, sensitivity and creativity, give it
the awe factor.
Suspended between the present and the future, Forum Art Gallery presents Heart of
Sculpture – a collection of contemporary Indian sculptural idiom replenished with an engaging interplay
of narratives that tap a circuit of limitless and boundless creativity. Man, animal and nature drawn from
the now or the cached is presented in bronze, fiberglass, granite, stainless steel and cast glass. Form
in round or in the frontal bear a semblance to the depicted, eulogizing an expression that is fluidly
global and local. Unfolding here is a unique sensory perception that navigates from the tangible world
of objective realism with statements and full stops to the minimal world of ‘Less is more’, punctuated
with colons and semicolons.
Draped in immense power and stark simplicity some of the sculptures relay an index of images
in a hybrid space, where human and animal endurance is the language of expression. They rely on
complexity rather than size to weigh the matter down to the essential. With heightened serenity in a
few there is an invitation to journey inward together with the subject to experience the inner bliss.
Yet other works are daringly bold and theatrical with colour sensitizing the surface, evocative
of an intuitive experience that brings to the surface the inner spirit of the artist rather than of observed
nature. Some works unfold a course that remains a mystery and its revelation is a perception of the
Whatever the motive, touching on multiple domains, Heart of Sculpture has an infinite number
of trajectories flowing through various mediums, key holing their way to the essence beneath. The
tangible pulse that nurtures the core forms the heart of the sculpture.


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