Akbar Padamsee (b. 1928)

Though very meticulous in his method, master colorist Akbar Padamsee’s drawingsand paintings, ranging from the figure to non-figuration, pulsate with throbbingenergy. Padamsee is acutely aware of every brush stroke; the relationship of hiswork with form, volume, space, time and color. The process of creation is one ofcontemplation and articulation of thoughts and ideas.Padamsee’s pioneering spirit has allowed him to experiment with a wide range ofmediums: from traditional to experiments with photography and digital printmaking.Whatever his chosen medium, the artist conveys a command over space, form andcolor. Although he is best known as a painter, Padamsee has experimented withfilm-making, sculpture, and writing as an art critic as well. He graduated fromthe Sir J.J. School of Art in 1940, with a diploma in painting and sculpture. Inan interview with Dnyaneswar Nadkarni, he comments: “In those days, learningpainting in that tree-studded campus was a heady experience.”His extensive oeuvre includes the metascapes and mirror images, and his figuresand heads. The metascapes are a development from landscapes, while the mirrorimages show his concern with the duality of existence, of form and space. Thefigure is treated not as an individual, not even in the heads where the associationwith portraiture is even stronger.


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