Chittrovanu Mazumdar (b. 1956)

Mazumdar graduated from the Government College, Kolkata in 1981 with a FirstClass First in Painting. Mazumdar’s paintings operate on fracture. Composed ofbold brushstrokes, elements of collage, abstract spaces and layered figurativeimagery, Mazumdar’s raw, almost expressionistic, canvases create a powerfulemotional response.He has held a variety of solo and group shows in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Parisand New York, including special exhibitions such as his large solo show at theBurlington Gardens gallery of the Royal Academy in London organized by Galerie88 of Kolkata, ‘Exhibition for the African National Congress’, Kolkata InformationCentre, Kolkata, 1988 and ‘Confluence Art Camp for French & Indian Artists’,Alliance Francaise, Kolkata, 1992, Saffronart in Los Angeles 2001 and Saffronart &The Guild, 2004. His work can be found in the collections of the National Galleryof Modern Art, Delhi and the Seagull Foundation, Kolkata. The artist currentlyresides in Kolkata.


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