Kanchan Dasgupta (b.1948)

Kanchan’s early years of work in a commercial studio in Kolkata had yieldedan unmistakably graphic quality in his art, formal and intense and cheerfullycontemplative. A firm believer in artistic skill, and gifted with obsessive ability todraw well, he infuses his large canvases with mesmerizing attention to realisticdetail. His carefully structured positioning of human and other forms with dramaticgestures in a thoughtfully arranged setting, and his use of intensely emotive colors,creates an epic charm in many of his canvases. A recluse by nature and hardly theone to socialize beyond his chosen few, his spread and grasp of social issues arestriking and vast. His textured canvases are much sought-after by collectors athome and abroad and he has exhibited his canvases regularly during the last twodecades.


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