Lalu Prasad Shaw (b.1937)

“Art needn’t be realistic – but it absolutely must be truthful.”Lalu Prasad Shaw completed his education in fine arts at the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata. He is known for his highly stylized portraits ofBengali women and couples. Capturing the expressions of his subjects perfectlywith the greatest economy of line and color each of Shaw’s paintings has anintimate feel to it.Influenced by the pre-independence Company School of art, the traditionalKalighat Pat and the Ajanta cave paintings, Shaw’s works, mainly executed ingouache or tempera, are simple and graceful. His style is uniquely modern in itsadaptation of academic and traditional Indian formats. One notices a seamlesssynthesis of different stylistic elements to achieve a phenomenal effect. Shawtook to printmaking and mastered the genre of graphic arts, making a name forhimself as a printmaker comparable to the great reputation that he already hadas a painter.Shaw has exhibited extensively in India and abroad since 1956 – like the secondBritish Biennale in London, 1970, two Norwegian Print Biennales in 1974 and 1978,the seventh Paris Biennale in 1971 and the second Asian Art Biennale hosted byBangladesh in 1984.His work is a part of the permanent collections of various institutions like theBirla Academy in Calcutta and the Art Forum in Singapore. Shaw lives and worksin Kolkata.


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