Akhilesh (b.1956)

With a National Diploma in Fine Arts, Bhopal based artist Akhilesh has held soloexhibitions since 1976 in most major centres of India as well as in Singapore,Washington, California, Palo Alto, France among other places.He has been part of many ‘Collectives’ besides participating in numerous groupshows in India such as Bharat Bhavan Biennials II, III, V and VI (1988-98), ‘MajorTrends in Indian Art’ by Lalit Kala Akademi in connection with Golden Jubileeof Indian Independence (1997) and abroad in Korea, Moscow, France, Austria,London, New York, California, Maryland, Singapore, Japan, Munich, Egypt, SouthAfrica. He is the recipient of the Govt. of India Senior Fellowship 1994-95 for Artand several other awards.Akhilesh is multi-talented – he has curated many exhibitions, set up museums,delivered lectures at home and abroad on art, written a biography of M.F. Husainand even translated Mark Chagal’s Autobiography in Hindi.


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