ArputhaRani Sengupta (b.1947)

With a doctorate in History of Art, ArputhaRani Sengupta is a visiting Professorin History of Art at Delhi Institute of Heritage Management and earlier at theNational Museum Institute (1996-2010). She has earlier taught at Lasbrey Teachers’Training College and College of Technology in Imo State, Nigeria and at StellaMaris College, Chennai.Her research on early Buddhist art and culture is published in Jewellery fromBuddha Zone in Central and South Asia (2011) and Manimekalai: Dancer withMagic Bowl (2005). Her last solo exhibitions Mayajal Metropolis-1&2 were atNature Morte(2005) and Lalit Kala Academy (2004), New Delhi. In her work ArputhaRanifabricates amythology around combinations of several found objects. Three dimensionalassemblage, textile and found objects are part of her experiments with paintingsculpture.Books authored by her: Art of Terracotta: Cult and Cultural Synthesis in India(2004) and Kailasanatha Temple: The Realm of Immortals (2009). Her worksare in the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi and other public and privatecollections.


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