Gallery Sri Parvati presents“Mysticism and Modernity in Landscape Art”Gallery Sri Parvati was started in December 2005 at the Heritage house ‘Sri Parvati’ onEldams Road, Alwarpet, Chennai. This is the main road connecting TTK Road and Anna Salai and easilyaccessible. The house ‘Sri Parvati’ is over 75 years old and the gallery is housed on the first floor andis being owned and managed by an art writer of more than 20 years standing. ‘Sri Parvati’ has spaciousarea on the ground floor for events and the garden has a restaurant.Since its inception Gallery Sri Parvati has hosted several important exhibitions with thecreations of both established senior artists and up and coming young aspirants. Towards end 2010 welaunched a series of landscape shows ‘Coloured Horizon’, of which the first two parts, showcasingthe paintings of artists from across the country have been well received. Following that the gallerysponsored the first ever solo show of senior artist Sam Adaikalasamy.In the earlier years there have been major group exhibitions such as “Translation”, “JapanilGanesha”, “Hum Paanch” (with five women artists), “Gen Next”, “Delhi Quintet” (five women artistsfrom Delhi), “ Migration- Crisis of Conflict?”, “Middle Order” etc. and one-man shows of TrotskyMarudu, P. Krishnamoorthy, K. Srinivasan, A.C. Rajasekar, Manisha Raju etc.A drawing camp was held in April 2008 at the gallery in memory of K.M Adimoolam , whopassed away in December 2007 and an exhibition of the drawings “ Celebrating the Line…” was held inJuly that year. In 2009 was organized an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by the students of veteranartist A.P. Santhana Raj “Homage to Santhana Raj” after his demise a couple of months earlier.One important show which drew huge crowds was “ Celebrating the Legacy of Maniam” withthe paintings of three generation of artists, namely the well known artist/illustrator Maniam, his sonManim Selven and the latter’s daughters Subhahsini and Dharini.The gallery during the five years of its existence also had organized three camps and theworks by the participating artists exhibited. The first one was a trip to Malaysia and Thailandand theconsequent exhibition “Beyond Apac”; the next two were sponsored by the Koviloor Mutt, the first attheir headquarters in Koviloor near Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu and the second at their Rishikesh centre inUttarakhand and the exhibitions were “Koviloor Calling” and “Ganga ki Lehren” respectively.Several young artists have taken the gallery on rent and exhibited their creations and have hadhappy memories of visitors and sales.


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