Achuthan Kudallur (b.1945)

A self-taught writer turned painter, Achuthan has, by dint of his sheer vision andtalent, been welcomed with open arms by art aficionados. He converted hismedium of expression from Malayalam writing to abstract painting.Achuthan translates the sounds and sights of his native village of Kudallurinto calligraphic chromatic strokes. He creates an entire emotional, intuitiveworld defined by colors in unexpected juxtapositions. A very personalvocabulary, his work is intriguing –often it communicates very little, sometimesnothing! You have the impression that his paintings are breathing. Theluminous power of his absolute colors gives an almost mythical power to hispaintings.Lauded with the National Award by Lalit Kala Akademi in 1988 and the Tamil NaduLalit Kala Academy Award in 1982, Achuthan has exhibited widely – In 1991: 7thTriennale India, New Delhi; in 2004 11th Triennale, India – New Delhi Exhibitionof World Art; in 2001: Commissioner for the 10th India International Triennale,Delhi; in 1991: Rimbaud 91 – Indian Artist’ show Alliance Francaise, Chennai andFrance; in 1989: The Nehru Centenary Nature & Environment Exhibition, NewDelhi, Czechoslovakia; in 1986,90: Biennale of Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal and in 1991:3rd Asian Art Show at Fukuoka, Japan.


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