Akkitham Narayanan (b.1939)

After a Diploma in Painting in 1961 from the Government College of Arts andCrafts, Chennai, Narayanan studied monumental art under Mr. Jean Bertholle andengraving under Mr. Lucien Couteau between 1967 and 1970.His paintings are geometric configurations of abstract forms – a fusion of Indiantantric art and European geometric art. Akkitham Narayanan’s creations lookat the apparently rigid geometry of nature in a subjective manner, and so theperspective change. His works are abstract, reflecting a deeper understanding ofnature’s varied colors and moods.The artist oversees the picture plane with a classification of space throughlines, angles, squares, rectangles, and so on. There is a clever use of color withineach space. The blending of triangles and rectangles has a lyrical, emotive touch.Developing an indigenous art became a pivotal issue for Akkitham Narayananwhile he was staying in Delhi during mid 60s. In late 60s, he went to Paris ona scholarship to study art there and settled down there about three-and-a-halfdecades ago. His canvases became more refined. Creative experiments that spreadacross almost four decades have refined his visual linguistics.Honored and awarded in both India and France, the artist has exhibited aroundthe world.


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