K. M. Adimoolam (1938-2008)

Multi-faceted artist, Adimoolam is well known both for his exquisitely detailedfigurative drawings and his vividly colored abstract paintings. His oeuvre straddlesan exquisite mastery of line with an understanding of symbolic potential of color.Perhaps the most renowned artist in South India, Adimoolam has been recognizedthroughout his career due to his unmatched draughtsmanship and emotiveabstract paintings of the last three decades.Adimoolam’s love of line and imaginative figurative imagery is abundantly clear inhis pen and ink. Since the late 1960s when these highly celebrated drawings wereexecuted, his monochrome figurative pen drawings have seen a broad spectrumof significant subjects.Next to this figurative body of work are Adimoolam’s powerful abstract paintings.His early series of semi-abstract monochrome works titled ‘Space’ depicteddynamic forms flying over the earth or merging into heavy structures of seeminglytranscendental meaning. His early oil paintings are similar in feel. His canvasesbecame increasingly concerned with capturing his own ‘mind’s journey throughNature’. Adimoolam passed nature through ‘planes of colors’ thus creating whathe calls ‘an esoteric aura on a transcendental level’.Adimoolam aims to achieve a figural description of the intangible in his abstractpaintings just as he injects the intangible into his figurative pieces. In this way, bothbodies of work complement each other.


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