Thota Tharani (b. 1949)

In 2000, Thota Tharani, popularly known as South India’s most sought-after ArtDirector, was awarded the Padmashri Award by the Government of India. Thisfollowed another prestigious he received – the Kalaimamani Award from theGovernment of Tamil Nadu.After his Bachelor’s Dip.and PG Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting), Govt. College ofArts and Crafts, Chennai, he studied Printmaking under S.W. Hayter at his Studio‘Atelier-17’, Paris.Tharani says, “Alphabets of all languages are beautiful. Expressing each letterespecially ‘Thota’ meaning garden, was how I began the ‘Script Series’. His worksare generally non-figurative and very colorful. His series of paintings featuringGods and Goddesses and Rajputs is very famous. In the “symphony of life”music-inspired series Tharani moves to the intuitive sense of harmony, rhythm,and continuity to integrate his urges for freedom and refinement. The border hasalways been a crucial element in Tharani’s work. It suggests a work that is largerthan its actual size especially when strokes break out of its boundary.His exhibitions include – 2007 ‘Mapping India – A Celebration of South India’,Dubai; 1991 ‘Force Series’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; 1986 Three Man Showwith MF Hussain and Leila Pawar, at The Gallery, Chennai; 1985 With SculptorS. Nandagopal, Titl Gallery of Non-Aligned Countries, Tito ; # 1983 KanagawaInternational Print Exhibition, Japan ; 1977 American Contradiction, Paris; 1976France Archives Municipales De Bordeaux, Austria.


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