Viswam A. (b.1950)

Viswam obtained his Diploma in Painting from the Govt. College of Arts,Kumbakonam (1974), and a Post Diploma in Painting from the Govt. College ofArts and Crafts, Chennai (1978).His quest is to figure out the forms of nature and its manifestations. His oilson canvas paintings depict abstract forms – seascapes, skyscapes, landscapes,turbulence of water, forces of nature – all in sweeping vertical, diagonal strokes ofbrushed color, merging highlighted, to obtain new colors and forms.Having exhibited widely – 2007 – Coast to Coast group show by Artworld, atSingapore; 2007 – One man show sponsored by ‘Originals’, Nagpur; 2006 – Oneman show sponsored by ‘Lakshana gallery’ at Chennai, Hyderabad; 2000 – AsianBiennale at Bangladesh; 2002 – Cultural Exchange program by Lalit Kala Akademi,Angara – Viswam has been prodigiously awarded as well. Some of these areNational Award, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, 1995; State Award Tamil NaduLalit Kala Academy, Madras, some of these are National Award, 1995, All IndiaFine Arts and Crafts Society Award for 50th year of art in Independence India, atChennai, 1998, Awarded Senior Fellowship Human Resources, Dept. of Culture,New Delhi, 2002-2003.


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