Atul Bose (1898- 1977)

Born in Mymensingh, East Bengal, Atul Bose was a prolific Indian painter andgraphic artist.Bose studied at the State College of Arts and Crafts in Calcutta (1916–18), ofwhich he later became director, and at the school of the Royal Academy of Arts inLondon (1924–26). He was one of the founders of the National Academy of Art.His work reflects the experience of European realistic painting. He worked in oils,watercolors, and pastels, but preferred to use oil as the medium of his creativity.His paintings were marked by sensitive representation of an artist well versedin the technical nuances of his trade. The careful delineation of details was yetanother characteristic feature of his paintings.He painted psychological portraits (R. Tagore, 1952, The Hermitage, Leningrad) andgenre pictures (Boatman, 1936; Comrades, 1937), and did a series of drawings onfamine in Bengal (1943).


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