K.C.S Paniker (1911 – 1977)

Panicker’s early teachers were the bright hues of the lush green village where hewas brought up. These vibrant colors influenced the colorful landscapes of hisearly years, and stayed in his paintings, even later. His genius was evident from his12th year and by 17, he was an accomplished artist exhibiting at the Madras FineArts Society’s annual shows.At 25 that he joined the Government School of Arts and Crafts in Chennai. Hewas deeply influenced by India’s great spiritual thinkers. Following these innerurges, he started interpreting the country’s hoary metaphysical and spiritualknowledge in the 60s, at a time when the influence of the Western painters wasvery strong on Indian art sensibilities. Known as one of the best metaphysical andabstract painters, Panicker held many one man shows in Chennai, Delhi and laterin London and Paris.The exhibitions abroad and his exposure to abstract artists like Salvador Dali hadinfluenced him deeply. They were reminiscent to him, of the weird, but spirituallyuplifting figurative exaggerations of traditional Indian art. But he used the brightvibrancy of the colors his psyche was immersed in. Later in his artistic evolutionPanicker started using calligraphy and symbolism to project a state of metaphysicalabstraction.


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